Important information

Game system: GURPS 4th edition
Starting point value: 80
Total disadvantage points: 30
Character restrictions: Mundane, realistic
Sessions: Preferably every second weekend
GM: Shiloh


Jason: Louis “le frog” Pew
Jonny: Bogdan Ivanov
Lance: Hauptmann Hans Adler
Ross: Arabella Battaglia
Warwick: TBD
Mickey: TBD

Background Information

World War II has been raging for five years. The Allies have gone from losing every battle fought, to slowly grinding their way to Berlin on three fronts. Commonwealth, American and French forces advance from the West, while the USSR marches from the East. On the Southern front, soldiers from a dozen countries have banded together to push Nazi Germany back. But it is a long and difficult fight. The Wehrmacht displays immense stubbornness and resolution, refusing to cede ground to the Allies without the greatest price being paid. Germany scrambles to train more soldiers and produce more weapons of war, their war industry actually increasing in capacity by the day. Victory is not assured for the Allies, and the Axis still has hope.

On the 4th of August, troops from the Imperial Light Horse / Kimberley regiment of South Africa crossed into Florence, liberating the city from Axis control. Small pockets of German resistance remain, consisting mainly of machine gun nests and lone snipers. This is not enough to dampen the mood of the local Italians, who are happy to be out from under the control of Fascists, and who have swarmed the streets in celebration.

That night, thousands of Axis soldiers swarm the Allied pickets, overwhelming the defenders with screams of “Dämonen!“, “Monster!“, and “Untoten!“ They appear terrified and have no interest in fighting, running away from what seems to be a greater enemy behind them. Before the Allies can figure out what is happening, the city moves an inch into unexistence, a new world appearing in the cracks. From these cracks unknown things pour out, slaughtering anything that gets in the way. A dread light is visible in the Balboni Gardens, the epicentre of the violence.

Small groups have banded together, friend and enemy, in a desperate attempt to live through the attack. No matter how hard they fight, it seems there is no way to stem the tide, and everyone, it seems, is sure to die.

You are one of these groups. Survive.

Metu Mortis

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